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12 Ways To Get More Subscribers On YouTube

Do you know that Youtube is the second most used search engine after Google? With 1 billion user hours per day, YouTube is the most preferred and popular video streaming medium. Such is the popularity of youtube that every marketer and advertiser is interested in promoting their product on YouTube.

This massive popularity of youtube has also had one downside. The video diarrhea of low-quality content. So how can you stand out in this tsunami of videos and get more subscribers on your Youtube channel? As no matter how great your video content is or how many views you get, a growing subscriber base is a must for a future on youtube. That is why we bring to you the 12 ways or tips through which you can quickly grow your youtube subscribers, quick and easy.

1. Make your Youtube channel junk-free

Being a novice in the field, you cannot afford any loopholes in the channel. A junk video is any video that is in the draft, outdated, irrelevant to your niche, not at par with the youtube’s policies, poorly edited or absolute flop. You should delete this junk. The junk video in a channel can be a cause of dragged back in the search results, and hence low shot at subscribers count.

2. Create High quality and likable content

The golden rule of success online to create excellent content. Nothing can beat class. When you have millions of videos of sub-par quality on youtube, good quality content would always find appreciation from the audience. A quality video is still a subscriber puller. Make sure to add variety to your video at the pre-production stage, so here are some tips for that.

  • Research is necessary

    Any successful project is all about proper research before execution. An excellent option for that is analyzing and studying your competition. Even the videos that are not your niche-specific can be reviewed and researched. Your video must not the exact copy of these videos but rather should be better than all these or the best consolidation of these. Your video should be able to incite emotions in the viewer.

  • Good script

    A good story is a backbone for any video. The video should always have a great script. Plan it, write it, and rewrite it till it is a perfect one. A loosely scripted story can ruin the whole emotion os the story. If you master the art of scripting, your video would be reaching a new height in viewership and subscription.

  • Selecting the correct equipment

    A quality video needs assistance from all the right stuff. The good thing is that all the essential items required for making a good youtube video are all affordable and readily available. These days all high-end smartphones come with a decent video camera, especially iPhones. Make sure to have a tripod, audio equipment like a microphone. There are many DIY videos available on youtube to help you out with this.

  • The first few seconds are very crucial

    The first 10 seconds of your video are critical and essential. More than 20% of the audience move away from a video if they don’t find it interesting. So our job should be to make the initial few seconds of the video most interesting. Here literally, the first impression can indeed be the ‘lasting’ impression.

3. Make the best channel trailers

Channel trailers are a great way to increase your subscriber’s base. These trailers are indeed the trailers that play on your youtube channel whenever anyone visits your channel. Studies have found that if the channel trailer is of top-notch quality, then the subscribers base of that channel has increased substantially.

The trailers should always be short and sweet. Preferably 30 to 60 seconds in length. These short videos should be engaging, humorous, or emotionally charged. The target should be to make the visitor stay on these changes. These videos must be ‘call to action.’

4. Your video should be under five minutes

Often it is said that video must belong for better engagement. The problem with long clips is that an average user is not interested in long videos. The attention span of a youtube viewer is concise. 20% of the audience moves out of a video in the first 20 seconds of the video. So unless your niche requires a more extended video like a software explanation, it is better to make short videos. The most preferred length is below 5 minutes.

So always make it a thumb rule to make videos that are short and crisp. It would not only make your videos accessible. Still, it would also draw in more and more subscribers to your youtube channel.

5. Make a binge-watch worthy playlist

If you have an excellent video line up in a particular niche, then you should make an awesome niche playlist for it. People like to watch a good content video that excites then in a loop. It can be of food, sports, music or any other interest.

Any viewer wants all quality content in one place. They don’t want to search for it everywhere. So when they get what they want in one place, they would never go anywhere else. If you can satisfy their need at one place through your playlist, then you would find your subscribers base increase at an exponential rate.

Many youtube channels have utilized this option of creating a great playlist and have gained subscribers in millions. So you can also be one of them.

6. Call to Action (CTA) are very important for subscribers’ growth

If you look at any successful youtube channel, you will find that they have utilized the call to action options to increase their subscribers’ base. The reason for many proper channels losing the subscribers’ war is also because they have not used the CTA options.

The CTA options like End screens and cards are great tools provided by youtube to increase the views and user engagement to your channels. These options can turn out to be fantastic options for improving your subscribers count.

  • End Screens

    End screen is an excellent CTA option provided by the youtube to promote your other videos on the channel and also to increase your subscription count. YouTube also gives you different options to adjust your end screens. You can either promote through a combination of videos and channel subscription options or improve your videos. You can also decide on the timing for the placement of the video.

  • Cards

    Like end screens, the youtube cards option is also a great way to increase engagement, views, and subscribers. The cards allow you to increase interactivity on the video and offer more options to the viewer in the form of a URL or link. The card option can provide a link to your other video, playlist, your channel, or even a poll for your audience. The main thing to remember with cards is that clients do need to press the little “I” symbol at the right corner of the video to cause the ‘card’ to show up.

7. Thumbnails are a game-changer

Thumbnails are the first impression that a viewer gets of your video. If that is not appealing or attractive, then there are very few chances that he or she would visit or click on that link. The most engaging videos are the ones that have a smiling human face as a thumbnail.

Even HD quality star faces as thumbnails are a great crowd puller for a video. A great thumbnail can increase your views to your video many folds. Using custom and good thumbnails can multiply your subscribers’ base in a significant way.

8. A regular and continuous flow of videos

Consistency is the key to success on youtube. Even for the most successful youtube channel, posting videos at regular intervals is an absolute necessity. The subscribers also need a steady feed of videos. If you don’t provide your subscribers base with daily content, they would unsubscribe and move to some other rival channel. If you see the most subscribed channel, they also input regular videos for their audience. So to increase your subscribers base, consistent posting of videos is paramount.

9. Use the Youtube Advertising option

Now, this option is only for people who have the budget for promotion. Youtube advertising is a great way to increase your views and subscription on your channel. If you understand your niche audience correctly and the demographics you want to target, you can utilize the youtube ads to its full potential. The youtube ads come it a variety of options as per your perception:

  • Overlay ads
  • Display ads
  • Bumper ads
  • Sponsored ads
  • Skippable and non-Skippable video ads

If targeted the ads at the correct audiences and demographics, you can see a significant increase in your subscribers’ base.

10. Using other social media platforms

Regardless of whether it be a Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, or another well known online network in your industry, you ought to be effectively captivating in these universes and spreading your video content when vital. Suppose you work for a bookkeeping firm and are taking an interest in a discussion where individuals appear to be battling with their assessments.

Sharing your youtube videos can increase your reach to multiply. Even platforms like quora are apt for sharing your video content. Just be sure to share it on relevant niches. Every social media platform has a slot related to your subject platform. If you share it on this niche, then you are bound to get more views and subscribers.

11. Request people to subscribe to your channel

Nothing can beat self-promotion. When you ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel, nearly 30 to 40 percent do subscribe to your channel. When you add something interesting to it, then it can even help more. It is human nature to get attracted to some offers. When you add some incentive at the end of your videos on subscription, then there are high chances of getting an increase in subscriptions. Here are some creative ideas for these incentives.

Organize a contest: This is one of the most seasoned promoting pay off stunts in the book, yet it does something amazing whenever it progresses admirably. You can organize a contest in your video or channel. Offer some prizes or coupons for the winner in this. You can also promote this contest on your social media channels and platforms. You can support this contest by making it exclusive for the subscriber. This way, more and more subscribers would add to the channel.

Offer benefits on your channel’s subscription: Nothing works better than a freebie in this world. If you provide benefits for the people who subscribe to the video, this can be an e-book or using your products for free for a month. Then this encourages them to subscribe to you, as this costs them nothing.

12.Optimize your Youtube channel for SERP

You often have about SEO techniques for ranking the websites for better SERP results on Google. The same goes for Youtube. If you optimize the youtube videos, then they would rank on top for the typed keywords. The optimization leads to more views and hence more subscribers. So what is the best way to optimize your video or channel, here are some tips:

  • Make correct titles

    The tiles should be apt and accurate. It should have a good search volume. You can take the help of Google trends or AdWords, which is free for this. Titles made on popular topics are searched more and appear on the search results more. Also, make sure the title is not too long; it should be less than 50 words.

  • Transcripts are very crucial

    Video transcripts are an incredible method to make your recordings progressively available to a bigger crowd, and they additionally help with SEO! Transcripts go about as page duplicate, giving your video increasingly indexable content so you can rank for additional questions.

  • Video description should be optimized

    Your video description should contain proper keywords. It should briefly describe what the video is all about. Use the most relevant keywords in the report.

  • Utilize the Meta tags

    Meta tags are another approach to get your keywords into your video and make it progressively accessible. Prescribe looking for mainstream recordings in your space and seeing what Meta tags they use. Once more, make a point to not try too hard with the keywords here; simply center on the words that are generally basic.