20 Ways You Can Get More Views On Youtube

As youtube is the second largest search engine in the world it has great potential for individual as well as business growth. To get more views on youtube can easily be achieved through simple social media utilization and optimizing YouTube’s algorithms and search features.

Get More Youtube Views That Too By Organic Search

The fact also remains that Youtube has twenty two billion hits monthly to understand the humongous nature of this, this literal figure might help you it is 22,000,000,000 views. And the views duration is roughly around 40 minutes. Isn’t that amazing?

Youtube is people’s favorite:

People like youtube and that is a fact. The love to shine on youtube is so much great, that people buy youtube views to get more and more views on their videos. They do it either to misguide the youtube algorithm into taking their video to the top search results, or to just to impress people with many views on their channel or video.

However this method has some issues of concern

  • The youtube algorithm is getting better with each day.
  • More than views the youtube is promoting the video which has more user interaction.
  • It costs lot of money
  • This method does has some benefits also.
  • Authentic sites provide views from real users.
  • This improves on user interaction.
  • Gets you ahead of your competition soon.

So if you are really interested in making it big on youtube, what you need is views. As an online business owner or a blogger or even a content maker youtube gives you the best opportunity to increase your user base, business reach, brand promotion and profit. If you get all the points on the right note you would definitely get more views and of course better user interaction.

Youtube is for everyone whether you are a chef, you are a teacher, or love gardening, or are a motivational speaker or even a stand-up comedian. This platform gives you the window to reach a billion people or more and allows you to enhance and share your talent or skills with millions of other likeminded people.

So how exactly does one get more views of youtube? So that more people get to watch your video or channel. So here are twenty points that can do just that.


Table Of Content

  • Get More Youtube Views That Too By Organic Search
  • Optimizing The Video Content For Increasing Views
  • Utilizing Youtube Platforms For Generating Views
  • Off Page Factors To Boost Up Your Views

Youtube is just like Google when it comes to search engine rankings. Youtube algorithms always promote and showcase the best results that are useful and relevant to the users.

Youtube selects only the best among the millions of similar video content. There are many factors on which youtube looks upon and decides the rankings. So here are the ways to outsmart those algorithms and rank up:

1. Titles are important- should be Keyword rich and descriptive


Keyword research is very important and crucial. If the title is descriptive and eye-catching it not only helps the algorithms to identify the relevant keywords but also informs and assists the users about what it is all about. For this the best tool to use is Google’s keyword planner which is free. There are also many paid tools for this, it totally depends upon you which one you choose.

Youtube selects only the best among the millions of similar video content. There are many factors on which youtube looks upon and decides the rankings. So here are the ways to outsmart those algorithms and rank up:

When you use the keyword planner you can very well see whether your keyword or subject has how much popularity and also which are the demographics where it is more popular and also the popularity according to the months. Utilizing this information you can very well optimize your content and channel to get more organic traffic on your video.

2. Video Description Should Have Quality And Perfect Description

When the video has a good description it becomes easy for the youtube algorithms to understand it better. When the description is in-depth and to the point and the content of the video is good the click through rate is better and also the views it gets. This is because the users are well aware what is there in the video and hence only the correct audience would visit the site.

The key is to while being specific in your intent you should also be interesting to the viewer. The ideal target should be to rank for the short tail keyword of the niche. This could be done with apt video description and proper optimization. This would be done with decent SEO practices and Meta description.

3. The Power Of Tags

Tags are a big deal when it comes to optimization of your youtube video. The tags makes it easier for the youtube algorithms to understand the concept, subject and content of the video. It helps the youtube algorithms to decide on which is the correct audience for your video and assign it accordingly. The combination of well-defined title, description and tag would definitely make your video climb the ladders in search options of youtube and give you more views.

4. The Thumbnail Image Needs Optimization

You need to understand the power of the thumbnail image. It is the first source of contact to your videos for the viewer. A celebrity image on the thumbnail is a great catch, as is some sensational image for your topic. The majority of the audience is drawn into clicking the video based on a thumbnail. A well-developed thumbnail has the power to increase your views in youtube for suggested videos, organic search results and even in social media results. You should always develop HD images combined with appealing fonts and even face close-ups of the characters related to your video.

The Thumbnail should well represent your title and its description and a little exaggeration would be like a good dressing for salad.

5. Your Video Must Have Creative Captions

One more thing that can increase your videos is the captions or the subtitles. The captions or subtitles have the ability to enhance the reach of the video and give you a completely new audience altogether. They can provide you the ability to reach an international audience. One more section of the audience you can get through this is the disabled.

Through the caption option you are also prompting the youtube algorithm to open new gates for your video to reach many more, which was previously blocked by youtube due to language restriction. The caption or subtitle option is like opening up an all-new window of opportunity for increasing viewership organically, without even buying youtube views.

Optimizing The Video Content For Increasing Views

The youtube experience is all about watching quality video content. The youtube is also keen on promoting videos which are beneficial for its audience and provides instant solutions to their problems and knowledge on their query. If your video is good and provides quality the youtube would definitely award it by boosting its ranking and thus increasing the views.

6. Video Content Should Entertain, Educate Or Do Both

The simple rule to get more views on your video is provide your audience with something of value. The content which gets the most views are the one which provide educational content, entertainment content or both. If the audience gets value from your video they would be engaged to the video till the end. This prompts the youtube algorithms to promote it more. One more additional benefit of this is that if the viewer’s gets what they want for the video they would return for more. This would automatically get increased views to your youtube video.

7. Use The Viral Trends To Your Benefit

The world that we now live in is interconnected like never before. Every time there is always some trending topic on youtube. The idea is to use this viral trend as an anchor to make your video. Making a video on the current viral trend provides you with more views. One more reason to use this strategy is that the search volume of the viral trends is high. You can use this heavy search volume to your advantage by making videos on this viral keyword. The video content made in line with the ongoing trends would definitely increase your youtube views and subscribers.

8. The Power Of Guest Youtubers

If you are into blogging you can very well understand the gains that the guest posting does to your blogs. The similarity is the effect a guest youtuber has on your views. The guest youtuber has his or her own subscriber or fan base, so when they provide content to your video your views automatically spiral views. It is just like influencer marketing, a niche influencer youtuber can do wonders for your video views. It acts just like when you buy youtube views but in a different manner. You can develop this favor from the guest youtuber by posting a link to their video in your description or promoting their video on your blog.

Utilizing Youtube Platforms For Generating Views

Youtube is an ever increasing video and social media platform. Their main source of income is from the advertisement that they get from the videos. The video which is popular provides them with more revenue, so they also reward the videos which rake views by providing them with more audience. So another great way to increase your youtube views is using youtube for this.

9. Follow And Imitate Your Niche Leader

Although plagiarism is strictly penalized by youtube this is not about that. If you see the youtube’s structure you can very well see on the sidebar of youtube screen, that for every popular video it shows suggested videos which has similar content, title and description. So the key is to imitate what your industry leader or popular video. Make your video accordingly use similar title and title description. This would prompt the youtube algorithms to show your video in suggested video list after every popular or niche leader’s video. This increases your views exponentially and makes your video reach a far more users of your niche quickly. Thus by targeting similar descriptions, keywords and content of the popular videos you can get more youtube views.

10. The Card Option Can Work Wonders

The card option on youtube is a great way to increase views on your video. The cards option is a great way to get more viewers to your channel’s other videos. There are many options which this option provides:

  • Get traffic to your other videos
  • Increase subscribers
  • Donations to a non-profit
  • Increase your traffic on your website
  • Lure viewers through a poll

The one thing that you should keep in mind is that always place the card before the average view time, so that the audience doesn’t miss out on the card’s flashing.

11. Utilize The End Screen Option

Using a marque video on your video so youtube is a great way to invite more views on your video. It creates more visibility to your youtube channel and videos. But this option should be best used when your video crosses at least a 5k views mark. This is because an already popular video would showcase more in search results as compared to a not so popular one. The marque video can be used to promote end screens, cards and all the other video links of your videos. You can also link marquee on internal links to the websites to increase views on your videos that have less traffic.

13. By Creating Relevant Playlists

As we know for sure now that making educational or entertaining videos can make your videos really popular and get your more views. Creating a suitable and relevant playlist is another addition to this. Creating playlists offer viewers with a flow of your videos. After the end of each video the other starts in the playlist. This too without going off the navigator.

This can be done by embedding playlist and posting them in your channel. You can also request the viewers to share this and this would also increase your views. Just be sure to make each playlist relevant to the subject of the video and describe the whole mood in the video or content.

14. Make Your Presence Felt In Your Niche

Your niche audience is your greatest source of video views. If you are able to show your expertise to your niche audience then it would be a guaranteed factor to get more views for your videos and increase your subscriber base. But being a niche influencer is not an easy task. First you have to make your presence felt in the niche. For this you need to post niche specific videos which provide quality content to the niche. You need to slowly establish yourself as an important contributor in the niche. People should be addicted to your videos and should want from you.

It would definitely give you a robust boost in views and subscribers. Although there are people who buy targeted youtube views for this purpose. But nothing can beat quality and knowledge of the subject that reflects in a niche specific video.

Off Page Factors To Boost Up Your Views

Other than youtube itself there are many other off page factors that help in increasing the video views. The most amazing thing about a youtube video is that it can be shared and embedded on many social media platforms and Google platforms. So let’s see which these are:

It would definitely give you a robust boost in views and subscribers. Although there are people who buy targeted youtube views for this purpose. But nothing can beat quality and knowledge of the subject that reflects in a niche specific video.

15. Working On Increasing Your Youtube SEO Rankings

Whenever you type a search keyword on Google for the SERP results you often see some youtube videos in the same. To get visibility on the search results for your video’s keyword is a great way to get additional traffic to your site and hence more views. The video embeds on your site also can come in the SERP ranking and acts as a backlink. Getting ranked in SEO for your video’s keyword would mean that your video views would almost double.

It would definitely give you a robust boost in views and subscribers. Although there are people who buy targeted youtube views for this purpose. But nothing can beat quality and knowledge of the subject that reflects in a niche specific video.

16. Use Your Social Media Profiles To Share Youtube Video Links

Social media platforms like instagram, facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and reddit are a great way to promote your youtube video or channel and to get more views on your youtube channel. Now your niche across social media is usually the same, even if the youtube niche is different then also you can create social media accounts matching the niche. When you share your video on these social media platforms the likeminded niche audience is sure to click on the links and visits your video, thus increasing your video views.

One more benefit of this practice is that when the youtube algorithm sees a surge in video link from other high authority websites it also weighs your video well and promotes its search result. Thus it is infact a double benefit to you in terms of views.

17. Utilize The Niche Audience To Share Your Videos

We have seen the power of niche audiences in one of the above stated points, but it was for on page or youtube based niche audience. This can also be utilized off page to increase your views. At every social media platform speacialy niche based social sites like reddit and quora there are niche specific subreddit in reddit and spaces in Quora. Here you can get hundreds of views if your video has quality and caters to the niche needs. If the audiences of these platforms like your video, then there is a high probability of them sharing your video. This would mean multitudes of views for your video and it getting viral. Social bookmarking sites like Pinterest and tumblr are also a great source of getting niche specific views and shares for your site.

18. Use The Power And Reach Of Influencers

Every niche has its own share of influencers. Influencer marketing in itself is a great source of promotional activities and to generate more views on your youtube videos. Influencers have a great range of audience and the followers are very receptive of anything posted by these influencers. If your niche influencers agree to promote your video than there is guaranteed chances of getting a surge in your views.

Top influencers of any niche can be found with the help of many assisting sites like social blade, upfluence, hypeauditor etc. You just have to put your niche or key phrase and they would show the top influencers and way to contact them. You just need to reach out to them and ask them to promote your video content after agreeing to their terms and conditions. But it is a common practice for these influencers also to increase their followers’ base through buy youtube views option. When an influencer promotes a video there is always a much higher engagement and share numbers, both of which increase your views.

19. Use Your Blog To Embed Video Subscription Plugin Widget

No one would promote our content better than we ourselves. When you add a subscription widget of your youtube channel to your blog you are not only getting more views but are also increasing the subscription count. The best thing about increased subscription is that most of the views that your videos get is from the subscribers of your channel. You can learn about how to place this subscription plugin widget by clicking here.

20. Everyone Loves Giveaways And Promotions So Use It

It is a human tendency to love giveaways. Promotions and notices about giveaways should be there on your video description. Also people like to participate by providing links on your social media handles, website and blog is a great way to earn traffic and views.

Final thoughts

Now that you know all about how to increase your views, organically. The final thought is about being patient in this journey, the journey to getting more views on youtube requires time, research and discipline. If you want that at a faster pace then there is the option to buy youtube views, but then it has its own risks. The choice is yours to make.

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